About Us

The New England Delta Tau Delta Alumni Group began in Summer of 2011 as the brain child of Ross Theriault and Brian Adams. Over the next year the group grew from a vision, into a body seeking to personify that Delta Tau Delta is a commitment for life. We are happy to continue the tradition of excellence which has been handed down since 1858 and to which we hand the honor of joining during our undergraduate years.

The New England Delt Alumni group is comprised of Delts from all over the nation, representing different schools, different divisions, and diverse interests. We welcome all members and alumni of Delta Tau Delta residing in or visiting the New England area to participate in our events and share the spirit of our Fraternity.

For further information on the New England Delt Alumni group please use our Contact Us form. If you'd like to learn more about the rich traditions and history of Delta Tau Delta, please visit the national website at www.delts.org.